Make Snail Mail Great Again

Experience The World's Very First Video Card

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Say Hello to Digital + Vintage
Personal relationships made easy

We believe in taking the extra effort to surprise someone, show that we care about them.

Send beautiful, personalized, physical postcards to your loved ones by simply texting us. We do the rest for you.

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Awesome Features

Send Videos

Securely upload your videos on your phone or use an existing link on YouTube or Vimeo

No App Downloads

You read that right! No App! Just send us a text and go from there! Works 24/7 anytime you want!

Automatic Reminders

We’ve got you covered. Set as many different types of important dates, and let us worry about reminding you.

Text Hi to (321)325-8080 to get started

Save Your Contacts

Easily save the address and information of your loved ones. When you need to send a card, it will be simple and fast.

Eco Friendly

Our partners are part of a reforestation project. Our goal is to plant more trees than postcards that we mail out.

Card Previews

We have made it easy for you to preview your cards before you send it out. All done through SMS on your phone.


Text Hi to (321)325-8080 to get started

Give a heartwarming surprise
to your loved ones today

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