Currently we can only take U.S. and Canada users as we have a limitation for our chatbot to work only for those 2 countries.
Anywhere in the world. Although currently our users have to use a U.S. or Canada phone number, but the recipients can be worldwide.
Unfortunately, no. Our automated system will print and send your card out as soon as you pay for it, there’s no way to cancel it. Joy, our bot will ask you to confirm picture, caption and send you a preview of the card before proceeding to payment. You can cancel anytime prior to that.

Yes. You can send it to one or multiple recipients at a time with the same card.

Yes. Our system is completely automated. You can even set a password for your video.
Currently the limit is 500mb. If it’s larger than that, you would have to upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and get the shareable link. If you do, make sure the setting is set to Unlisted (not private) or your recipient will not be able to watch your link.

How it works

Nope! We want to keep it simple and provide ultimate convenience by having you interact with our chatbot! Just text Hi to 321-325-8080 to get started!

Text 0 to ‘Joy’ – Our chatbot that lives in 321-3258080.
Always text 0 to get back to main menu. If you hit an error that requires our technical help, please email your situation along with a screenshot to admin@joypost.me
Absolutely. Use any pictures that already has a filter on or edited, so you have the best picture ready to go when you send it to Joy.
You can either text 2 on the main menu via text and add it via text, or click on the link it shows you and add it on your web dashboard.
Yes. You can always swap them out for the most frequently used recipients. The number of recipients will depend on the plan that you are on.
At the moment there’s not a limit per recipient.
You have to go on your web dashboard to set reminders for your recipients. If you set a date for someone who lives in the U.S. you will receive a text notification 14 days prior to that date, and you can simply reply back to the reminder to send out a card. 28 days for international.
Right now, the default password will be * + the sender’s last 4 digits of phone number. For example, if your phone number ends in 1234, the default password will be *1234. You can change it to anything you like but you will have to inform your recipient.


No, it’s included in the price $4.99. International postage is also included!

You will see the estimated delivery date on the preview screen before you pay for the card. It usually takes about 7-10 days within U.S. and 14-28 days for international.
This is a feature we are currently working on.