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“This product is amazing! My grandmother gets so excited everytime she gets a postcard from us!”
Grant Deken
“When I started using Joypost, the value of it didn’t hit me until after my mother called me crying, because I remembered her special day. So glad the reminder was sent 2 weeks before the date or I would have forgotten!”
Jeremy Deaux
“Revolutionary modern concept to stay in close touch with friends and family. Truly high tech high touch!”
Catherine Chan
“I love how easy it is to use! Just text it to the number it sends me! The quality of postcard came out awesome! No more hunting for stamps and post office!! I love how I can take the hassle out from it and still show my parents how much I care about them!”
Chloe Kok
“This is a game changer. I’ve become the world’s best granddaughter since signing up for Joypost. My grandma loves getting a monthly card with photos from what we have going on in our world.”
Elizabeth Smith
“I always seem to forget birthdays, and end up feeling horrible. Joypost reminds me so I don't forget and even fills in the blanks when I have no time.”
Jeremy G.

The Greatest Joy

Here’s our mission:

To spread joy with the utmost convenience whether it is through sending video postcards or gifts.

We believe that the greater good comes when we consciously make a decision that will impact more people than we are aware of.

That’s why we are donating a portion of the monthly subscription to Charity. Join our community as we grow, your social impact will grow stronger as well.